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Ken Marcus Video – Mz Benz and Dia Zerva

Well everyone, we promised you a Ken Marcus video and here we have it. This superb video has two more smoking hot hotties being the poster ladies for the scene. Their names are Mz Benz and Dia Zerva, and just by the sound of their names you can thell that these beauties are foreign. Well they want to show off what true BDSM pleasure means for them today and as always you get front row seats to this incredible sex show today. Watch as Benz acts as the mistress binding her friend Dia up and having her way with her sizzling hot body.

As the scene starts you can already see Dia as she’s all tied up to a device, and Benz will not let her go until she’s had her way with her hot body. Watch her as she’s getting tortured and abused by the mistress today and enjoy the view everyone. Benz takes great care to play with Dia’s perky boobs and pussy as well, as she just loves to see her best friend as she moans and squirms in pleasure. We want to remind you to check out the past updates as well everyone. You will be in for some nice treats with lots of fine and hot women.

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Shay Golden and Smokey

It’s time for you to see one more Ken Marcus free scene today and we’re really happy with how this one turned out. In this one we have a very hot and sexy blonde named Shay Golden and her master named Smokey that will get to show you their hot master-slave relationship today in the fuckingdungeon. Be sure that you will be in for a very nice sex session with the two as they will have sex for your entertainment.


As the scene starts, you can see Smokey as he binds the sexy blonde up and takes his spot on the chair. Then he makes the blonde bend over and suck his big cock with her juicy lips before anything else. When he’s all nice and hard it’s time for shay to stay in the same position as Smokey gets behind her and plants his bog dick balls deep in her wet and eager pussy. Enjoy the sex show and goodbye!

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Ken Marcus presents Odile and Simon

This fine and fresh day we brought some more Ken Marcus free pictures for you to see. And this one is very awesome as we have a very hot babe named Odile and a dude doing some nice whipping for her named Simon. This couple actually had a act with showing off what whips can actually do. But Odile as of late seems to have found another use for her husband’s whips so she will be bound and fucked hard by her man.  And namely making him use them on her as she found out a newfound love for this kind of harsh treatment. Well once can only hope that this sexy and hot woman has a body of steel as we’re not sure just who else might enjoy the kind of pain inflicted by whips like that.

KenMarcus was very happy to get to capture these two on film today and you’ll see the marvelous job that he did with the shoot as the guests were having their fun. So without further due, sit back everyone and watch as Odile takes her harsh whipping treatment all over her nude sexy body today while her man wields those things with expertise. Odile seemed to be very much getting into it towards the end as she started to moan in pleasure at the treatment. Well this was very awesome, and we can only hope to see this couple here once more in the future for a encore. Until then however enjoy their scene today. Also you can click here and find similar videos and pics!


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Melody Jordan and Catie Parker

In this week’s Ken Marcus free gallery update, we bring you another fresh picture set with two more hotties having hard style lesbian sex for your viewing pleasure once more. The pair is formed from the very hot and sexy porn stars named Melody Jordan And Catie Parker. And for this sexy scene, Melody will serve as the harsh mistress that gets to have her fun with her sex slave Catie Parker’s pussy. You will be in for quite a treat with these two sexy models as they will take the time to have hard style sex all over the place today. So let’s get started.

ken-marcus-melody-jordan-and-catie-parkerWhen the expert photographer KenMarcus starts to shoot these two beauties, they have already started off their little fuck fest and you can see them teasing one another’s pussies in this girl on girl action session for the afternoon. Then Melody pulls out a strap on dildo and has Catie sit on it inserting it in her pussy. Watch as Melody fucks her slave Catie today with her big rubber cock. As always we’re hoping that you enjoyed the whole scene and we’ll see you once more in the following week with one more fresh and hot update. Also you might enter the site and watch some similar free videos and pics featuring a gorgeous mistress!

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Ken Marcus Free Bondage Scene

Hey there yet again everyone, we bring you one more Ken Marcus free gallery as the photographer brings you one more fresh scene with two very hot and sexy kinky teens having fun. This time it’s a mistress punishing her sex slave as she has been very naughty today and she needs to be taught a lesson. She talked back to her mistress as she told her she’d also need a nice fucking every now and then. And the mistress was enraged. But she did have a plan to shut her up about her need for cock today so let’s see it shall we?

As the scene starts and KenMarcus starts to take his pictures of them. The angry mistress binds her sex slave to her favorite fuck chair and grabbing her hair, she tells her that she’ll be getting exactly what she wanted for today. So she plants the dildo of a big fucking machine in her pussy and she turns it on. Be sure to watch every picture as you will get to see the sex slave having her tight pussy thoroughly penetrated by the sex machine in this amazing update today. We’ll have some movies up as well soon so stay tuned everyone!


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Lesbian Bondage

Another fresh week and time for some more of Ken Marcus ‘s scenes to be shown off today. Like we promised we have more fresh and awesome content for you today and this scene is very nice. This time we have two very cock hungry women that will have some hard style lesbian fun for you with some nice and big fucking machines. The two ladies are two very hot and sexy brown headed ladies with long hair. And today they will take turns to have their tight and wet cunts fucked by the fucking machines just for your enjoyment!

ken-marcus-lesbian-bondageWhen the cameras start rolling, the two take the time to entice and turn one another on with some nice and passionate kisses. After the mood is all nice and set, the first one to take her turn riding the toy is the busty beauty with the red corset. She lets her buddy tie her hands nicely as she then places the dildo in her pussy and toy under her. Watch her as she then gets thoroughly fucked by the mechanical dildo today everyone and enjoy it. As always we’re taking our leave for now to return with more incredible and awesome stuff for you next week! For similar content, enter the English spankers site and have fun watching some hotties getting their asses spanked!

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KenMarcus presents Kendra James

This fine week KenMarcus has another fresh gallery all prepared for you. This time we have a nice and sexy red head that is getting all tied up and having her tight hole fucked by a big yellow dildo. Her name is Kendra James and this hottie always loves herself some nice and hard style bondage treatment just like in infernalrestraints videos. So sit back and watch her getting her pussy pleased in this fresh scene.

In this Ken Marcus bondage session the hot red head was wearing a nice and skin tight yellow latex suit, with cut outs for her perky and round tits and her juicy pink pussy. So sit back and watch her as she gets herself fucked by a big yellow rubber dildo as she moans in pleasure. We’re hoping you enjoyed the scene and expect us back next time with some more fresh and new content for you guys.


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Ken Marcus Bondage Scene

Hey there once more guys. Today we have for you a Ken Marcus bondage scene with one hot and sexy brunette getting herself all tied up and abused. her name is Kelly and she always wanted to try her hand on bondage videos. She wasn’t really sure on how to go about it though, so she came to our photographer’s studio one day to inquire about what’s usually going down. Well first of all he told her that she did a nice job coming here first as being an amateur herself would probably prove a bit challenging with other studios. But the expert in this sort of thing, our KenMarcus, put her mind at ease as he told her exactly what would happen.


He said that for a simple photo shoot, the sexy woman would just have to have herself all tied up and be shot with a camera as she looked helpless. She didn’t have to do anything else if she didn’t feel like it. And she agreed. So sit back and watch this cutie as she gets her sexy and hot body tied up and shot from every angle to show off her beautiful and sexy curves today. By the end she was really happy with how everything turned out and she told Ken that she would definitely come back one day to do another shoot, with perhaps even more. that meaning she may let herself fucked next time. Well let’s hope we’ll see her again soon.

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Extreme Punishment

Hey there everyone, Ken Marcus comes back yet again with another killer photo shoot. And he’s back with some more hot and sexy bondage pictures as he got to shoot a trio formed from two very hot babes and a lucky burl guy today. You will get to see two how and sexy brunettes as their master does one fine job of playing around with their bodies to his own amusement today. Rest assured that the two brunettes enjoy this kind of treatment and they are actually the ones that nagged him to have this sort of fun once more today.

As KenMarcus starts his photo shoot with them, the dude acting as the master has the two hotties kiss and caress one another’s superb naked bodies. Then one of them gets herself restrained to some stuff as the other puts on a mask with a dildo coming out of her mouth. Watch as the guy takes great care of the bound one to kiss and suck on her juicy tits, while the other woman fucks her pussy with her dildo mask. We hope you enjoyed the scene everyone and we’ll see you next week with some more fresh content. Until next time you might enter the site and see some sexy ladies in free extreme videos!


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Ken Marcus – Dizzy Knight

Ken Marcus the famous photographer brings you another amazing and hot scene today. This time he got around to have a sexy and hot short haired brunette with nipple piercings in her perky tits, named Dizzy Knight pose for him in a nice and hot bondage scene. Like in slavesinlove galleries, Dizzy gets herself all strapped in nicely to some wooden beams and she’s joined by a very sexy and harsh mistress that will get to have some fun with her superb body today. So sit back and watch as KenMarcus does his job of capturing this hot scene on film for today.


As the photographer gets around to start shooting, the superb sex slave is already strapped in, and she’s patiently awaiting her mistress to start doing her thing. You can see as she gets her hot body played around with, as the mistress plays with her perky pierced tits for your enjoyment today, and we’re sure you’ll love it. Then the mistress plays around some more as she starts to wrap up the brunette hottie in some foils. So sit back and enjoy the scene everyone. We will come back next week with some more fresh scenes for you!

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