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Ken Marcus Video – Mz Benz and Dia Zerva

Well everyone, we promised you a Ken Marcus video and here we have it. This superb video has two more smoking hot hotties being the poster ladies for the scene. Their names are Mz Benz and Dia Zerva, and just by the sound of their names you can thell that these beauties are foreign. Well they want to show off what true BDSM pleasure means for them today and as always you get front row seats to this incredible sex show today. Watch as Benz acts as the mistress binding her friend Dia up and having her way with her sizzling hot body.

As the scene starts you can already see Dia as she’s all tied up to a device, and Benz will not let her go until she’s had her way with her hot body. Watch her as she’s getting tortured and abused by the mistress today and enjoy the view everyone. Benz takes great care to play with Dia’s perky boobs and pussy as well, as she just loves to see her best friend as she moans and squirms in pleasure. We want to remind you to check out the past updates as well everyone. You will be in for some nice treats with lots of fine and hot women.

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